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Enhance workplace connections and streamline flexible office management with our fully integrated solution within Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Easy-to-use solution for
Flexible workplaces

Team coordination

Allow your team to see which teammates and favorite co- workers are coming into the office each day. Integrate your remote work policy seamlessly into the system.

Desk booking

Easily book a desk with our intuitive system and locate teammates effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate customizable floor plans to optimize your office's efficiency.


Workplace analytics

Revoluspace delivers comprehensive workspace analytics, providing detailed utilization data and occupancy trends to enhance office space optimization.

Your smart office solution, integrated in your favorite tools!

Official Partner

Revoluspace is an official partner of Slack and Microsoft, adhering to the highest standards.


Secure authentication

Simplify user access and enhance security with Single Sign-On (SSO) Microsoft and Slack


Fast set-up

Invite you colleagues directly from your Slack ou Microsot Teams Workspace in just one clic

A smart and secure
flex office solution

Trust Revoluspace with your security and privacy

A robust hybrid workplace solution for achieving success at the enterprise level. We protect your data and offer the necessary information and tools to fulfill your privacy obligations.


Our desk booking solution is compliant with GDPR and privacy laws, providing assurance that your actions align with legal standards.

⚖️ Access with single sign-on

Through Single Sign-On (SSO), users can log into Revoluspace using their Microsoft or Slack credentials for a secure and efficient experience.

🔑 Encrypted data

The encrypted data within our workplace scheduling software complies with the expected standards, ensuring robust security and compliance.

📞 24/7 support

Our dedicated support team is committed to providing timely assistance, ensuring uninterrupted service and continuous satisfaction for our users.


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